Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Global talent in a local way.

Cultural Diversity

We are a proud proponent of cultural diversity. Our organization is a melting pot of hardworking individuals from all over the globe. Whether our differences lie in ethnicity, gender, cultural heritage or distinction of military service, we each bring a unique perspective that only strengthens our team dynamic.

Nicopure Labs’ Team

Here are some of our colleagues in their own words:

Jason Elliot

“I was born in London and raised in New York City. Fighting in two wars as a member of the U.S. Army Infantry has helped groom me to be the man I am today. Now living the #vapelife as the front end developer for Nicopure Labs, I spend my work days overcoming creative web challenges and creating fresh looks for the company’s web presence. I’m a “geek at heart”, spending my free time vaping, innovating, watching The Walking Dead, and tending to my two American Bulldogs.”

Autumn Maggs

“I’m a veteran, proud mother of two, avid vaper, and native Floridian. I joined the Marines at 19 years old, with a goal to make a difference in the world. After fulfilling my military requirements, I wanted to continue to inspire change in my community. Nicopure Labs has allowed me the opportunity to be a part of a cause I truly believe in on a daily basis.”

Yesha Patel

“I was born and raised in India. While growing up, technology and innovation always interested me and my two siblings. All three of us are now Engineers! Being surrounded by family every day, I strongly admired family values and friendships. After moving to America in 2014,  I had a thousand questions and was a bit anxious about how my education and work experience in India would merge with the American work culture, but new friends and family surrounding me made me feel very comfortable. Being part of the Nicopure team is one of the best things that has happened to me. This experience has made me more comfortable and confident in my new home. While I contribute heritage and culture from my roots, I get to learn and experience others’ values and beliefs. Taking different cultures and embracing them shows how one can continue living their heritage while sharing it with others. We all become students of other cultures we may come across. It’s a universal acceptance of differences that leads to a common understanding.”

Nicole Bennett

“I was born and raised in the Sunshine State, Florida. I’m currently enrolled part time at Santa Fe pursuing my A.A in Chemistry. I’m a current resident in Gainesville FL, Go Gators! When I’m not at school, I’m working full time at Nicopure as a shipping coordinator for the customer service department. I love what I do! Any chance I get to help someone, I jump at the opportunity. In my spare time I’m usually at the beach or with friends. I would describe myself as a very energetic person who is always on the search for a new adventure.”

Michael Ventolo

“After living most of my life in New Jersey, I am now happy to be living in sunny Florida! My northern roots still show through the sports teams I love, such as the NY Giants, NY Mets, and NJ Devils. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, playing the guitar, and experiencing new cultures and their cuisines.”